We Discuss Vacation, Batman, And The Fly

We Discuss Vacation, Batman, And The Fly

On this episode of Filmageddon we center everything around Vacation starring Ed Helms and Christina Applegate.  Is it worth seeing?  Is it a worthy successor it’s National Lampoon successors?

Ryan talks about his experience working with his fiance at the Classic Game Fest in Austin, Texas and how he noticed young children are really latching on to retro video games for some reason.

Cole talks about wrapping up the entire series of Seinfeld on Hulu and his thoughts on being able to binge watch content these days.

Cole talks about all the movies he was able to screen early this past week including Southpaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal.  We talk about Jake’s career in general and what we think of him as an actor.

In honor of Vacation releasing we talk about two other movies / series that got a reboot.

We talk about the 1960’s Batman versus the Tim Burton directed 1989 version.

Lastly we talk about The Fly from 1958 starring Vincent Price and it’s successor from 1986 starring friend of the show Jeff Goldblum.