Pictures Of Superheroes With @DonSwaynos

Pictures Of Superheroes With @DonSwaynos

On this episode of Filmageddon we open the show with some film news.  We talk about how Pitch Perfect 2 made more money in one weekend than the original made in it’s entire domestic run.  There is also a mystery Twitter account that MIGHT be George Miller giving us some news about the future of the Mad Max franchise!

We do a round of THERE WILL BE RECOMMENDATIONS where we talk about Montage Of Heck, All This Mayhem, Pitch Perfect 2, Bingo, In The Loop, 30 Days, and the latest season of Louie!

We are then joined by Austin Filmmaker and professional editor Don Swaynos where we talk to him about his experiences in the film industry and what it’s like to make movies in Austin, Texas.  Don talks to us about his movie Pictures Of Superheroes and then gives us his picks for some of his favorite movies of this century.

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