Episode 6 – Podcast Mafia Style With @JacobQKnight

Episode 6 – Podcast Mafia Style With @JacobQKnight

On Episode 6 of Filmageddon we are joined by the mighty Jacob Knight!  Jacob is a writer who has written for Badass Digest, Shock Till You Drop, Nerd Bastards, Birth Movies Death, and many more!

We open up the show and talk with Jacob about how he came to love movies.  He talks about attending different rep screenings throughout his life, working at video stores, and the films that really impacted him growing up.

Cole reports back on some of the movies he saw and what he recommends from #SXSW this year including Ex Machina, Trainwreck, 7 Chinese Brothers, and more.

Jacob talks about Duke Mitchell and in particular we discuss Massacre Mafia Style and Gone With The Pope.

We talk about an article from Film School Rejects written by Scott Beggs and discuss the recent decision of movie theaters to ban the movie Beasts Of No Nation due to its distribution and same day release from Netflix.

Jacob talks about Jimmy Kimmel visiting Vulcan Video for South By Southwest and about how Vulcan is much more than a place to work for him.  It’s a family.

Jacob talks about his upcoming Tony Scott article and we discuss Tony’s career and different films he’s created.

We end the podcast playing “Thumbs Up Thumbs Down” where Jacob and Cole have to decide whether Siskel and Ebert gave a particular movie a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  The movies we play with are The Big Lebowski, The Evil Dead, Batman, The Crow, and Mrs. Doubtfire.

You can follow Jacob on Twitter @JacobQKnight which is the best place to stay up to date on all of his articles and projects.  You can also check out his homepage at jacobknight.me.

If you are in Austin make sure you stop by Vulcan Video!  Let them help you find the next great movie you had no idea existed!